The One World

Sun Esteperon Chronicler

Top News

Scouts were sent to get an update on the Arken Knights sent to the mountains. They returned unable to locate any sign of them. This is dreadful. Are they alive? Are they inside the mountain fortress? It is unknown. The magistrate has ordered an emergency meeting this Tue.

In other news

The group sent on a secret mission has encountered a wiggit trapping party. It is unknown if they were able to fight off the vile creatures. The people of Esteperon grow weary. Dragoons market has seen a spike in sales as villagers prepare for the worst.

In other news

The ship Rhiannon has made some great progress in her repairs. Yet ready to sail. The captain says they will be ready to sail within the month. With this great arrival of supplies needed to rebuild, its only a matter if time before the red horse can be seen glimmering across the seas.



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