The One World


The prisoners of Harrowstone are free and have made their way to the capitol city, Esteperon. There they discovered Dragoons Market. Filled with many shops for the weary traveler. It was the day of the games and the group attended. There they listened to the Magistrate speak on current events. He informed the people that the Arken Knights gave been sent to the mountains to kill the dragon causing a ruckus. Half if the Arken guard remain in the city. Mostly new recruits and re enforcements. After watching a Paladin and a Nagaji tribeswoman be victorious in the arena they met with the Magistrate, there the two arena winners were also. The group volunteered for a secret mission for the King himself. The party geared up, it was Ricket , The summoner, a female Paladin, A Drow priestess, The Bard with his guitar. The were sent to Dogshire to report findings there to the King. Just on the outskirts of Dogshire they were attacked by a Wiggit trapping party. They were able to defeat the group of Wiggit and have taken camp for the night. Just under a hundred miles from Dogshire.



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