The One World

Imprisoned and Trapped

After being locked up for 10 years in the most feared prison in the one world, the characters awaken finding that the prison has been attacked by something. The surviving inmates are unsure what has attacked the prison but they left behind Great claw marks upon the outer walls near the breach of the wall of the prison. The innards of the prison have been scorched, the inmates the guards and the warden have all perished except for 3 who were locked in the East wing they seem to be the only survivors. After rummaging through material they managed to unlock their cells. After some loud noises will-o’-wisps noticed there are still some prisoners out of their cells. The will-o-wisps are the Left Behind spirits of the guards that protected Harrowstone Prison. After encountering and scaring off 2 wisps the players begin to make their way throughout the prison and find that it is in dire condition. The lake that sat just outside the East wall is now flooding into the prison the lower levels are filling with water and the warden has made an appearance reminding you that there is no Escape without his signature upon your release papers he then Fades through a wall back into the prison. The townspeople outside shocked and Afraid for their town has also been attacked and they are not going to allow any prisoners to escape during their most dire situation. They stand across the courtyard at the main gate prepared to kill anything that comes out without proper documentation showing they have been freed.

Known information :
Will-o’-wisp have an AC of 16 they carry 20 hp they attacked with electricity. You encountered 6 will-o’-wisp within the prison you remember seeing at least eight guards while you were locked up. They are cursed to stay upon the prison grounds for eternity.

The wardens spirit roams the prison grounds your release papers in hand. His AC is 18 and currently has 40 HP. Metal wooden or natural attacks do not harm him once he realizes that he can be harmed by your spells he flees back into the prison in fear.



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