The One World

Esteperon Chronicler Sunday Edition

Top Story

It has been confirmed. A dragon was responsible for the attacks in Ravengro. Some of the townspeople report seeing the beast. But mostly it is the damage suffered that led us to report this news. Magistrate Thornside has extended the order to stay in your homes.

In other news

An Orc chieftain, a known criminal has come to Esteperon to report other findings as well. He claims that dragons are responsible for wiping out the Dwarves in their mountain stronghold, and have also pillaged his orc villages at the base if the mountains. He is being held for more questioning in the Esteperon Jail. He has been sentenced to crimes murder and chaos and is being thrown into the Esteperon Arena. If he fights his way out he is free and relinquished of his past crimes. Otherwise he dies as Orc scum. Be at the Arena this Tue afternoon for blood and mayhem!!!



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