The One World

Over the Land and under the Water

The group has managed to obtain information about what was going on in Dogshire, now known as Wiggiton. A Drow man, a Sorcerer, and a large Wiggit General were having a meeting. What it was about they were not sure. But while sneaking around the Ranger Rhios was captured. He was interrogated and tortured. Once his hands were removed he gave them all the info they wanted, then he was killed and his remains sent to Esteperon as a warning. The group traveled back to Esteperon and gave the Magistrate all the info they obtained. Its not much to go on and so the Magistrate keeps his focus on the dragon issue. Sending half his army into the mountains, still no word has come from them. He asks the party to look into it. In the meantime the group takes residence in an ababdonded mansion to the northeast of dragoons market. They take some rest and relax for a while. Tho the bard went to check on his friends working on the ship rhiannon. While there he met a fisherman. He needed seasoning for his fish, in trade he would show them a secret location of a gold chest he saw in the river while fishing. So Fixy gets Ricket and he hooks up the fisherman and the two are off in a canoe in search of the chest. Based on information given to them by the fisherman they knew they were close so Ricket jumps in. The bard thinks about it, and even tho he can’t swim well he jumps in too, hoping for glory I assume. Ricket is easily able to find the chest and gets to the shore safely. Foxy however does not. His carrying capacity is too great and he begins sinking. Struggling for sometime and he is carried downstream and outside the walls of Esteperon. Ricket in wonder of the gold box pays no attention. Foxy struggles and struggles finally Ticket notices……to be continued…….



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