The One World

Just under the water

So…the bard is being pulled downstream. Luckily or not so luckily he is saved by a fishing net, unluckily set there by Wiggit. Hoping to catch dinner a bard would suffice. Soon an Arken Knight and the Drow witch hear of the situation and are sent to help. The Knight crosses the river while Ricket fires arrows from across the river. The witch also shoots tho with her crossbow. A well aimed shot to the heart takes one down. The knight takes out another one with his sword but can’t handle the third and is clubbed to death. Then the sleep spell foxy had been chanting while tied at the feet takes effect and puts the third wiggit to sleep. But the witch shoots him anyway killing him. The bard frees himself and finds much useful items in the wiggit wagon. The party then heads back to Esteperon.



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